Releasenotes für Firefox “Developer Edition” 42

What’s New

  • New Improved private browsing windows block some web page elements that could track your web behavior across sites
  • New GTK3 integration (GNU/Linux only)
  • New Hardware acceleration for 2D canvas content (Mac OS X only)
  • New Indicator added to tabs that play audio with one-click muting (Adobe Flash supported since version 19)
  • New Process separation enabled by default in Developer Edition
  • New Intuitive Control Center contains restyled site security, site identity and private browsing
  • New Improved performance on interactive websites that trigger a lot of restyles
  • New Add-on signing enforcement
  • HTML5 Implemented ES6 Reflect
  • HTML5 Implemented Push API via Service Workers
  • Developer Asynchronous call stacks now allow web developers to follow the code flow through setTimeout, DOM event handlers, and Promise handlers.
  • Developer Remote website debugging over WiFi (no USB cable or ADB needed)

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