Releasenotes für Firefox “Developer Edition” 41

  • New SVG images can be used as favicons
  • Changed WebRTC now requires perfect forward secrecy
  • Changed New look for session restore and welcome back page
  • Changed Improved memory use when running add-ons like AdBlock Plus
  • Changed Improved image decoding with performance up to twice as fast on some devices especially while scrolling
  • HTML5 Copy/Cut Web content from JavaScript with document.execCommand(„cut“/“copy“)
  • HTML5 MessageChannel and MessagePort API enabled by default
  • HTML5 CSS Font Loading API enabled by default
  • HTML5 Added support for the transform-origin property on SVG elements
  • HTML5 Navigator.onLine now varies with actual internet connectivity (Windows and OS X only)
  • Developer Network requests can be exported in HAR format
  • Developer Implemented Cache API for querying named caches that are accessible window, Worker, and ServiceWorker
  • Developer View HTML source in a tab
  • Developer Quickly add new CSS rule with New Rule button in the Inspector
  • Developer Screenshot a node or element from markup view with the Screenshot Node context menu item
  • Developer Copy element CSS rule declarations with the Copy Rule Declaration context menu item in the Inspector

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